Phrase: Good Morning (صَباح الخَير)

This is fundamental to friendly conversation in the Arabic language, and also is interesting in showing how the Arabic language often uses poetic and figurative words in ways you would not expect when coming from a language like English.

morning صَباح SabbaH of goodness الخَير al'khair

Unlike in English, if someone said this to you it would be incorrect to repeat it back. This greeting elicits a unique response depending on the flourishes desired.

Response Examples

morning صَباح SabbaH of light النُور un'nuur

Note: pronounce the ل ا as "un" because of the ن sun letter

morning صَباح SabbaH of jasmine (type one) الفل al-ful

morning صَباح SabbaH of jasmine (type two) الياسمين al-yaasmeen