Word: My Name Is (اِسْمِي)

The way you introduce yourself in Arabic always amuses me because it sounds like you are still speaking English. In the end I am happy it’s such a simple word that makes it easy to remember.

My name is اِسْمِي iss-me

Part of Speech 3 Letter Root
Noun سمى

This word is, like many Arabic words, a combination of the root word اِسْم and a first-person singular pronoun ـِي.

Also, take note of that “اِ” (aleph with kasra vowel) that begins the word. Essentially you end up only pronouncing the kasra vowel and the aleph is only there to carry the vowel marking which makes the initial “i” sound. I will try and explain this in great detail later as I learn more about it.

So if I wanted to introduce myself to someone I would say something like this:

My name is اِسْمِي iss-me Kevin كڤين Kaf-in