Terrific TwitterFon

I love Twitter and all its many uses. Keeping in touch with friends on a level never before seen. Getting up to the second news, worldwide. Watching what others are saying about a TV show or the horrible Dallas Cowboys, as it happens.

So when I got my iPhone I set out to find the best app available. Noting that I am not a power user and saw no need to pay unless it offered something amazing.

Twitterific was the first one I tried since it seems to be the most popular. I went along in ignorant ecstasy for a while, enjoying the interface and ignoring the occasional ad. Until it started crashing often and I went looking for a backup.

That is when I found TwitterFon. A little known app at the time with an odd name. (I still don’t quite understand the name, especially since the definition of Fon is “A member of a people of Benin and neighboring parts of Nigeria.”) After just short time using it I found how much I enjoyed the simple, clean interface, and lack of annoying ads.


The only feature I missed from Twitterific was the location updates. On Twitterific it would send a link to my location on a Google Map. TwitterFon only updates my Twitter profile with GPS coordinates, which are pretty much useless.

Now that it has been updated in it latest 1.3 iteration I love it more than ever. They made things more consistent and polished, and added features I was hoping for. One such feature was to see a list of a users followers and following. Before this update only the stats were available. But they went beyond all that and even added new features such as Retweet! Something I rarely do but this will encourage me to do it all the more, which is important since there is so much debate currently about retweets.


Overall I think this is the best Twitter app available for non-power users. So go get it today, its FREE!

And if you like it as much as I do go give it a vote for BestAppEverAwards.