How to post photos to Twitter from a dumb phone

The most popular way to post photos to Twitter is through – most smartphone Twitter applications, like TwitterFon, send photos to this site. So how do you do it without a Twiter application on your phone?

First, go to There you can login with your Twitter credentials, nice and simple.

Second, click Settings at the top of the page. Once this page loads you will see your personal email address that adds photos to TwitPic. Now create a new contact in your phone called TwitPic and set its email address with the address listed.

TwitPic SettingsTwitPic Settings

Third, select the photo on your phone you want to share (or take a new one!) and send the photo to your new TwitPic contact. Use the Subject line to write the Twitter post to go along with it. Hit send!

If everything worked properly you have just posted a new tweet with a small link attatched to your photo that is hosted on I look forward to seeing all your wonderful photos and seeing what you do during the day. Feel free to follow me at