You have a genius!

An amazing TED Talk from 2009 in which Elizabeth Gilbert talks about creative genius. Thanks to @kevinrose for bringing it to my, and many others, attention!

She brings up the fact that today we link being creative with suffering and anguish. As in, you must suffer in order to have the experience and feelings in order to create something magnificent. I have always struggled with this concept and found it a hard road block to over come. She then lists examples of creative people who have been able to overcome this by seperating themselves from the responsibility of being outstanding.

The fact is we all have the ability to create something breathtaking. I feel it is not coming from some secondary being, as she posits, but is a collection of our being and experiences that, when let free of the weight of expectations and limitations, is able to bring about something that we never could have imagined was possible. I do my best to create this environment when I have people over to my house to draw and paint and be creative. Its sad that so many find it hard and uncomfortable to let loose and create something.

I hope you enjoy this TED Talk and explore the website it came from for more fascinating talks.