An Adventure With Twitter

I have been to Chicago twice in the last five years and really enjoyed the massive city. But I have always wanted to go back for a weekend just to go to some museums and explore the city. So I booked a flight for me and my good friend Lonzo to go to Chicago on the weekend of May 15th through the 17th, Friday through Sunday. This is not just a vacation, its an adventure! I want to discover new places, meet new people, and see amazing things. I think Twitter can help me do that.

Chicago SkylineChicago Skyline

So here is my plan. I am going to Twitter my entire trip, as much as reasonably possible. From the plane and train rides, to the museums, restaurants, and public spaces. I want my followers to feel like they are there with me. But its more than that. I have been building a small network of great Chicago Twitter users that have already helped me plan this trip immensely. Some of them are @explorechicago, @JamesJanega, @thewindypixel, and @VisitChicago. It is my hope that they and others will keep an eye on my Twitter stream in order to give me feedback and suggestions. I would love to tweet that I am hungry with where I am, and get local people to give me suggestions on where to eat.My Twitter name is @KMuncie and I will most likely be using the hash tag #ChicagoTrip unless it becomes to burdensome. Hope that you can be involved!