Dinosaur Valley

Had a great time Sunday afternoon at the Dinosaur Valley State Park outside of Glen Rose, Tx. I drove up from my weekend in Waco to meet a few friends there just after lunch. The plan was to hike around and enjoy the outdoors. Because Texas has had a good amount of rain the past couple weeks the river was just at the perfect level for swimming. It was very cool to see all the dinosaur tracks, but its hard to fully appreciate the animals that left the marks.

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The first swimming hole we found was nice because it had a rock ledge on one side for sitting in the water. There was a big rock jutting out beside it that looked great to jump from. So I positioned myself and got up the nerve to jump. It wasnt quite deep enough so I did hit the bottom, but not to hard. However upon arrival at the surface I developed a nose bleed that was very entertaining and gross to my friends. Had some trouble stopping it in the water but eventually did. So I tried to take it easy the rest of the trip. We ended up walking alot of the rocky river in the park and it was slow going because the rocks were very slippery. I was very sore on Monday.