Going North to get West

Civic in trees Well my North East Tour has started. This was a very quickly organized trip. The main purpose of the trip was to buy a car, a 1986 Honda Civic Wagon. Yes, it is an older car but has been well maintained and I bought it from someone I could put some amount of faith in. I am so happy to have a car again and once I get rid of the QX4 I will be free of a car payment!

So I flew into Charlotte, North Carolina to buy the car. The owner agreed to pick me up at the airport as he lived about one hour away. Assuming that. we would make the transaction there and I would be on my way north to West Virginia. Nope. He ended up driving me back to his town of Asheboro so we could go to the DMV to get the title signed and then I could take him to the car he was buying the same day. I understand why, but it was a P1010409huge delay in getting my trip under way. I was not on the road until about 4 pm. This caused me to drive through some beautiful scenery in the dark, not to mention some scary mountain driving surrounded by semi trucks. Regardless I did make it to my destination of Fayetteville, WV by about 9:00 pm. I am staying in the fantastic River Rock Retreat Hostel. Wonderful place in a great location for only $20 a night! Everyone should look for hostels to stay in!

So I woke up today about 8 am because I had to be at Class VI Adventures at 9 for my Canopy Tour. If you are ever anywhere near here you must come and check this place out. Beautiful new facilities that opened earlier this year. They have a 3 hour zip line canopy tour through some of the mountains near the gorge. Being from Texas, anytime a tree is more that twenty feet tall I am amazed. These are glorious trees! Our tour guides would tell us all about the different species of trees and plant life. But the most amazing part was flying 30 mph through the trees like I was a bird or character from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon haha! The platforms that connected the zip lines were fantastic just stand on, built a hundred feet up in the tree was a beautiful vantage point. At the end of the course we did a quick rappel from the last platform which was a fun experience, I would love to get into rock climbing. Below are some photos and a video of the adventure.