Journey West

The West

My traveling has rarely taken me west. I believe it is primarily a mental block. From where I live in Texas there is a great expanse of nothing, due west. My latest trips in that direction have lead me to Taos, New Mexico which is a wonderful destination but only the tip of everything that lies beyond.

So on Sunday, November 15th, 2009 I am going to embark on the longest trip of my life. This trip is so overwhelming in its scope that I have decided to only plan a week at a time. With that said, I can reveal that my primary objective is to make it all the way up to Portland, Oregon. I have heard and read so many amazing things about this city that I must check it out for myself and see if it’s a place I would like to move.

Don’t think this will be an express drive to Portland. This is going to be a very relaxed and extemporaneous road trip. I already have multiple stops planned in New Mexico, Arizona and Las Vegas to see friends and family. Along the way I will camp when possible and extended my stay when I desire. Hopefully I will be able to keep this blog up with my latest adventures but Twitter will be a real time stream of my current activities.