Into the Wind

I certainly hope this trip does not get dominated by strong winds! My car just can’t handle it.

The trip got off to a successful start. I left Breckenridge at a comfortable 8 a.m. making my first stop twenty minutes later in Albany, TX to grab some breakfast. It was overcast with a low ceiling so visibility wasn’t that great and made the first few hours a little blah. After the sun burned off the clouds it was a little more enjoyable. Most of this drive is very flat farm land, but I enjoy seeing all the cotton. There are also a lot of wind farms south of Lubbock that I love seeing. I love driving through wind farms.

Stopped for a quick and cheap lunch in Brownfield at KFC. Was able to eat for under $5, which is an accomplishment for me. My brother called me out on not traveling cheap since I always like to have good food when I am traveling. Sailed right through the border because it is very empty out there with barely an AT&T cell signal. It wasn’t until I got to Roswell that my phone was able to update its time.

The drive in Roswell is where the scenery really started to change and it felt like New Mexico. Dropping off the Llano Estacado near Caprock, NM is awesome, the beautiful escarpment behind with Roswell ahead and the Capitan Mountains on the horizon. However, this beauty also brought with it the previously mentioned winds. In most cars it probably would not have been a problem, but I am in an 80′s wagon with less than 100 horsepower. Going up a mountain with a 30+ mph head wind is long and noisy. It killed my gas mileage but I made it to Ruidoso in good time regardless.

The rest of the day was spent exploring the town while I waited for a phone call, then getting set up in an awesome cabin that will be in the next post. Thanks for reading! Follow me live at

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