Dwelling in Skull Valley

Had a wonderful five days visiting my family in Skull Valley, Arizona outside of Prescott. This is my moms side of the family and I haven’t been out to see them in a very long time. My Great Grandfather is 92 and it was great to see him, got to hear lots of stories!

I arrived on Thursday November 19th, and left November 24th. It is about 45 mins from Prescott so we only went into town a few times. I would love to come back and explore Prescott a little more because it seemed to be very bicycle friendly with great lanes and a number of shops.

Went to a going away party on Saturday where I met a number of great people and had a great time at The Raven in downtown Prescott afterword. It was a very nice place with some great beer and even better atmosphere, it was very popular.

On Monday I stayed out at the ranch and we worked on the quads but the batteries were far to dead. I took one out after jumping it but quickly killed it in a wash down the road…. oops. We ended up taking the mule and a Honda Metropolitan scooter down a dirt trail/road to the corner store in the town of Skull Valley. Great place and a very adventures trip to it, even got to do a geocache on the way!

A wonderful stop to see some of Arizona and see some of my great family! Hope I get to see them again soon.