Hello Hoover

I made it to Las Vegas! It was a short drive that was broken up by a crossing of the Hoover Dam.

Me driving Getting from Skull Valley, AZ to the interstate was a fun drive through the mountains. Made a little detour to see Bagdad, AZ because it’s a mining town that my family lived in for many years. After that it was straight on to Nevada.

I wanted to stop and check out the Hoover Dam as I made my way over it. Traffic was very light coming from my direction happily. I later found out it takes hours to get through security coming from the Nevada side, so many people! This will all be made alot easier once they have the bypass done. After 9/11 they realized what a huge target the dam was with so many people driving over it so they stepped up security and made plans for a bypass route. This is a huge project that is going to be finished in 2010, you will see the photos of it.

I made it through and happily paid for parking, its a nice garage with some decent views of its own. Decided I wasn’t going to pay and wait for a tour so I just walked around, took some pictures, and headed on to Vegas.

I made it to Las Vegas Nevada in good time. I must say that it was creepy driving into the Las Vegas and being able to see the entire city. The whole city creeped me out, but I will go into that later.

I was able to see my friend Brenden and his wife Lacy and alot of their friends and family on Tuesday night. We drove out to Red Rock Park and hiked around, went back to his place for homemade pizza and watched the new Star Trek (which is sooooo good!).