A Valley of Fire

One of the highlights of my stay in Las Vegas was a Saturday afternoon trip out to the Valley of Fire State Park. Its just under an hour North East of Vegas. It is a boring drive to see some dramatic landscapes.

DSC_0331 Bright patches of red rock jutting out of a valley plain, it was beautiful driving into the park. At first we drove around to the normal tourist spots, weird old drawings on the rocks, cool arch formations and such. They were interesting but not that captivating so we drove around the campground a bit. Wow, what a place to camp! I am sure it fills up fast, some very dramatic spots in between giant rocks and boulders.

The hiking urge overcame me and so I dragged Anthony down a trail and up one of the largest rock formations in the area. It had a steep but walkable incline on one side so we were able to scramble up the side pretty easily. It doesn’t matter how high, when you reach summit its exciting. We stayed up there for a while just taking in the views and watching the sunset. I even got to see the sunset twice by jumping up as soon as it dipped below the mountains! Overall it was a great afternoon and I hope I can stay out there longer in the future.