Portland Favorites

I very nearly moved to Portland, Oregon back in 2009 but it never ended up being a home for me. Instead, it is a place I absolutely love to visit. Below are some of our favorite places in Portland. I hope it comes in handy!


Portland is a foodie town. You will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of highly reviewed resturants in almost all corners of the city. Here are a few of our personal favorites.

Little Big Burger

This burger joint is a popular chain in Portland. It’s similar to your standard Shake Shack, Five Guys, or Smashburger. Prices are good and everything is delicious.

Pine State Biscuits

Pure guilty comfort food. You will always leave here feeling full no matter how much you order. Amazing biscuit based sandwiches that are basically a must have when visiting Portland. Don’t forget to grab a Bloody Mary or a beer while here!

Waffle Window

A must have for a breakfast or brunch, the waffles explode with sugar and deliciousness. We recommend visiting the location on NE Alberta Street since its bigger and offers indoor seating.

Screen Door

For a fancy brunch or dinner head to Screen Door to get some outstanding southern comfort food.

Broder Nord

Want something unqiue that you wont find anywhere else? This place offers delicious upscale Swedish brunch and lunch. Don’t miss the cocktails featuring unqiue ingredients.

Ken’s Artisan Bakery

There is rarely a spot to sit down and relax but this is one of the most authentic and delcious bakeries in all of Portland. Try and get there early in the day and grab a world class loaf of bread.

Original Hotcake House

The most legit and oldschool place to eat in Portland. Open 24/7 for your pancake and breakfast needs. We almost always come here atleast once during a trip.

Salt & Straw

Extremely unqiue ice cream flavors that will blow your mind. Sample everything before choosing.


Portland, like Seattle, is serious about coffee. Below are our favorite places to get caffinated.


Not the absolute best in the city but certainly the best on Alberta St. It’s worth a stop if you are here just strolling around. Great coffee and espresso.

Coava Coffe Roasters

Amazing ambiance in this airy coffee roastery slash wood working business. Great place to stop in.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown is a Portland classic. This is my favorite location, great staff and beautiful location when you are downtown.


Portland has an unbelivable beer scene, but its easy to get distracted by the upstarts and hipster joints. Below are our favorite legit places to get an outstand beer.

Upright Brewing

Literally the best beer in Portland but also the hardest to find and get. In a basement. Hard to find, with very little parking. But its worth the effort to stop by and have a beer.

Cascade Brwing Barrel House

Great barrel aged beer, lots of sours and fruit based experiments. Wide distribution but worth a stop if your in the area.

Commons Brewery

Small taproom with delicious beers Sours and european style featuring local ingredients.

Rogue Eastside Pub

This used to be the Green Dragon and our favorite brewery/taproom. It recently was renovated by Rogue so we are not sure how it is now but it used to always have amazing beer on tap.

Bushwacker Cider

Very chill place with only cider on tap. Great way to experiment with a wide variery of ciders and learn to appreciate them.


This is such a partial list. There are endless fun things to do in Portland and the surrounding area. Explore and have fun!

Powell’s City of Books

Possibly the greatest book store in all of the United States.

Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade

Two entire floors of arcade games and pinball machines you can play while drinking beer. It’s serious fun for anyone.

Oregon Zoo

A great zoo with lots of happy animals to gaze upon.

MacLeay Park

Only a few minutes from downtown and you immediately become enveloped by the forest and nature. A great easy hike starts at this trailhead.

Multnomah Falls

Gorgeous and accesible waterfall only a short drive from Portland. Stunning place.

Cannon Beach

The quintenssential Oregon beach. If you go the coast this is the first stop. Make sure you stop on the drive to get some pure mountain water on the side of the road and also try to visit Ecola State Park just north of this beach.

Cougar Hot Springs

A few hours from Portland but an awesome place to visit if you want to explore and get out of the city.

If you have any opinions on these suggestions or think I am missing something important please reach out on Twitter, my handle is @kmuncie