San Francisco Favorites

San Francisco is a unique and amazing city. It’s geographical location gives it a feel unlike any other city in the United States. My wife grew up in San Francisco and so we go there for a visit usually once a year.

When you visit I hope the following suggestion help, they are our favorite places in the Bay Area!


San Francisco is a diverse city with many health conscious people. It also has a huge number of wealthy people, so the foodie scene is extremely strong and good food can be found in all corners. We tend to look for affordable, authentic food made by people who care. This list is a reflection of that.

Kabul Afghan Cuisine (Peninsula)

A bit outside the city but seriously great food, especially if you want lots of amazing grilled meats!

Little Sheep Hot Pot

Little Sheep is a chain, but this location is great and this meal is great for a group that wants to spend a few hours eating!

R&G Lounge

This is a large but authentic place to get Chinese food. The Salt & Pepper Crab is a specialty and delicious!


Hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurant that gets filled up very quickly. Great food and cool atmosphere.

Yummy Yummy

No-frills Vietnamese restaurant where you can comfort your insides when the fog is rolling in.

Fisherman’s Wharf Clam Chowder

Gotta get a bread bowl full of clam chowder when you visit Fisherman’s Wharf. Just beware of the birds, they are quite aggressive due to all the tourist that feed them regularly.

Zachary’s Chicago Pizza (East Bay)

This insane pizza may require a wait but it is very much worth it. Likely better than most of the pizza you can get in Chicago itself. A must stop if you are in the East Bay.

FRED’S Place (Sausalito)

Cool old school dinner for a delicious breakfast if you had up north over the Golden Gate bridge.

In-n-Out Burgers

Because no visit to California is complete without a stop here.

Coffee & Bakeries

SO MANY great coffee and bakeries in this city!

Arsicault Bakery

You would be hard pressed to find a better croissant without flying to France. Unbelievably good!

Devil’s Teeth Baking Company

Great bakery near the beach. Usually a line and you will for sure order too many things because it all looks and tastes so good!

Andytown Coffee Roasters

This coffee shop is modern and creates some very unique espresso drinks.

b. patisserie

Unbelievably good bakery that has a huge number of offerings and an open kitchen which makes for a really fun visit if you want to see lots of skilled bakers at work.

Saint Frank Coffee

I would come here just for the ambiance. A very minimalist and straightforward coffee shop offering great espresso and pour-over coffee creations.


Musée Mécanique

A very unique place. A huge warehouse filled with antique arcade machines you can actually play.

Muir Woods

Everyone should see the Redwood trees once in their life. This is the easiest grove to get to from the city and well worth the drive.


Mikkeller Bar

Mikkeller makes amazing beer and this is a large cool spot for getting some world class pours and bottles.

The Tonga Room

A historic tiki bar in the Fairmont Hotel. It’s touristy and all about sweet but strong tropical drinks, but its an absolute blast with a group of friends.

Samovar Tea Lounge

If you don’t want an alcoholic drink you can go to Samovar for a very upscale tea experience. It’s not cheap but you will find some of the best teas in the world available here.

The Rare Barrel

Large, cool brewery that specializes in sour aged beers. Delicious stuff!

Russian River Brewing Company (Santa Rosa)

One of the best breweries in the world for IPA lovers. Makers of Pliny the Elder and great many other outstanding beers. It’s a drive from San Francisco but totally worth it. Santa Rosa has lots to offer.

Reach out on Twitter (@kmuncie) to let me know if these recommendations help you or if you have any you think I missed!