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Brooklyn Bound
January 11th, 2014 - 2 minute read

Ferry to The Outer Banks

I live in Brooklyn Heights, New York now.

The journey here was a road trip. Big moments in my life usually involve and envelope them.

This 3,000+ mile roadtrip took me to see family and friends and make a few new ones. I had my very good friend, Sean Yarbenet, along for the ride. We had an excellent trip together, we are both experienced travelers and took everyday as an adventure.

Prescott to Brooklyn

This way my first experience of the true Eastern Seaboard. While it has no way of competing with the raw beauty of the West Coast and California it does have its charm in places. My favorite stop on the trip was easily Savannah, Georgia. It was a beautiful and historic city that makes you feel relaxed no matter where you were. A huge contributing factor to this was the city layout referred to as “The Oglethorpe Plan“. I have never experience a bustling city with such beauty, calmness and discoverability around every corner. It truly encouraged you to walk and experience the city at street level.

“…a plan so exalted that it remains as one of the finest diagrams for city organization and growth in existence.”–Edmund Bacon

You can follow along and see all the photos from this road trip on Flickr or in my Instagram feed.

Savannah, Georgia


Exploring Southern California
January 14th, 2013 - 2 minute read
La Jolla with Friends

La Jolla with Friends

A random opportunity arose last week when I realized a friend from Brooklyn was flying home for a month to Escondido, California. I quickly put together a plan to drive out for a visit as I had never been south of Los Angeles.

The plan quickly came together to include seeing friends from San Clemente and Tijuana, having a beach bonfire, and visiting some of the many local breweries.

Below I have made a really nifty interactive tour, with a service called Tripline, of my trip based on my Foursquare check-ins! Push the play button and see some of the places I visited… (Its Flash so it wont work on most mobile devices)

Some of the highlights from the trip you can see below. The beach bonfire on Saturday night put together by my friend Kanan was really excellent. It was a cold night but the beaches in San Clemente are beautiful and a commuter rail line running right next to it really lends to a unique atmosphere.

San Clemente T Street Beach

San Clemente T Street Beach

I got to visit four local breweries out of the hundreds(?) in the area. Latitude 33, Mother Earth Brew Co., Ballast Point Brewing, and Stone Brewing of course.

My favorite was Ballast Point because of the crazy and unique beers they had on tap that day. They don’t really advertise their adventurous stuff on their website, but I highly recommend stopping by if you’re in the area.

Stone Brewery Tour

Stone Brewery Tour

Ballast Point Brewing

Ballast Point Brewing


Web Dev: B&W Fire Security Systems
January 11th, 2013 - 2 minute read

B&W Fire Security Website New

B&W Fire Security Systems is a local business that approached me in late December to build an entirely new web presence to better represent their growing business and really highlight the different services they offer.

Outdated and Dysfunctional

B&W's old websiteThe old website, which had been in use for several years, was broken in most of its functionality and really failed to present any actual benefit to potential customers.

The main attraction on the front page featured a Flash video of fire, large and harsh looking icons, and image based navigation with many broken links. Not only did the website not perform well on desktop computers but was nearly useless to a mobile visitor.

A Fresh Approach

Starting with a modern responsive theme is always my first step in building a proper WordPress website. WordPress is first and foremost a blogging platform and so its important to find a theme that allows for robust page creation.

With a proper foundation I was able to create vibrant and dynamic pages to truly showcase all the many services offered by B&W. The site is further brought alive by using custom WebFonts. An occasional slider was used to provide key information in an eye catching way.

Making Money

A website is a neccesity for most small businesses today, but a proper website really becomes an integral part of a business when it brings in new customers and helps increase overall sales. This website was built for that purpose and only a week after launching we are seeing a fair amount of traffic coming in from organic searches in the area. Hopefully it will serve them for many years to come.

Visit and see this new website in action!