An IE 11 Flexbox min-height bug workaround

You may have run into this "flexbug" on Philip Walton's excellent list of odd and frustrating Flexbox bugs, this one is currently bug #3. He offers »

Instagram relents for Star Wars

Today the news came out that Instagram would be supporting vertical and horizontal photos and videos. Instagram has firmly held its ground on its square formatting »

A Simple Wedding

Weddings are full of traditions, they are inescapable. For many couples the true meaning behind each one is not even truly understood. It's just the way »

Brooklyn Bound

I live in Brooklyn Heights, New York now. The journey here was a road trip. Big moments in my life usually involve and envelope them. This »

Exploring Southern California

A random opportunity arose last week when I realized a friend from Brooklyn was flying home for a month to Escondido, California. I quickly put together »

Cats during Christmas

Everyone loves a good cat video. I recently toyed with this love by posting a very simple video of my cat Waffle to my YouTube channel. »